• Explain why the global cranberry industry should adopt a standardized method for quantifying PACs in cranberry products.
  • Explain the advantages of utilizing the DMAC method for quantifying TOTAL cranberry PACs (A-type and B-type together) compared to other methods, as well as the issues with different methods currently being used for PAC quantitation.
  • Explain and Support the efficacious dosage guidelines for PACs in dietary supplements and cranberry PAC-based herbal medicines.
  • Explain why it is critical to use standardized cranberry test materials in research studies:
    • When conducting human clinical trials, it is extremely important to accurately measure the bioactive compounds in all treatment products being tested. Cranberry is a food that comes in different forms (juice, dried fruit, juice powder extract, presscake, etc.) making it difficult to compare the results from the different trials. Different forms and dosages are used in many studies.
    • Standardizing cranberry PAC levels in clinical test products using DMAC/A2 reference standard allows accurate correlation of the results to a specific PAC dose. It also allows more accurate comparison of clinical trials in meta-analyses.